Minimize Winter Outdoor Clothes

Minimize Winter Outdoor Clothes

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Don't wait till tomorrow

5 quick steps to minimizing

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As we get ready for the weekend many of you will be embarking on your organizing journey, and maybe we wondering how to start. So I have compiled my 5 quick steps to minimizing any item in your home! Step 1: Gather all like items, such as, all clothes, books, papers, shoes, pots and pans, utensils, […]

Life Efficiency Tip #1 Make Your Bed

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It’s the chore no one really wants to do but everyone loves the end result. Who doesn’t want to fall back into a giant pile of pillows and take a refreshing nap while basking in the sun. Okay, okay, in reality its a giant jumble of blankets and pillows and is that a pizza crust? […]

Let it Go

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Excerpt from Client Diaries #1

Build a Happy Environment

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[Happi]tance Facebook Group

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 I have created a facebook group for anyone who is looking to share your organizing projects, get inspiration and most of all encouragement!

Client Diaries #1

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  This client was ANXIOUS. We were planning on going through sentimental items and she had been putting off going through them for years. She was not sure if she was even ready to deal with the contents. After talking through some of her holdups, she decided to go through the boxes. We went through each […]

how to clean your closet

How to Clean Your Closet

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If you have been following along this week it has been all about the closet. So now I am going to invite you to go deeper into the rabbit hole of organizing and give you the steps to clean your closet. Ready, Set, Begin Let’s start by gathering all your clothes ( and I mean […]

My Clothing Storage System

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Clothing, such a love hate relationship! But what if it didn’t have to be? What if you only owned things you truly loved? No, it’s not science fiction, it could be your life! I have downsized from an overflowing walk in closet with around 150 pairs of shoes to this… Yes, this is all my […]