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My Motivation for Minimalism

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I love owning minimal things. I get incredible joy from getting rid of stuff. But this hasn’t always been the case. I use to refuse to part with clothes. I kept everything for someday. I stockpiled products I would never use. I got sick and I laid on my couch and watched my house explode […]

Build a Happy Environment

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Keep What You Love

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Get rid of it, get rid of it. You may feel like the organizing world wants to put you in a box, “only 3 shirts allowed, one of each, only if you use it everyday!” What if you love more than 3 shirts, you like two of the same and you only use it once […]

[Happi]tance Facebook Group

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 I have created a facebook group for anyone who is looking to share your organizing projects, get inspiration and most of all encouragement!

Client Diaries #1

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  This client was ANXIOUS. We were planning on going through sentimental items and she had been putting off going through them for years. She was not sure if she was even ready to deal with the contents. After talking through some of her holdups, she decided to go through the boxes. We went through each […]