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My preferred method of organizing is by category, this gives you a completely new starting point and reduces organizing fatigue. While it is wonderful to have a completely organized room, it can quickly return to the way it was if the sources of clutter are not taken care of. For example, paper, if all the papers in the household are not organized and filed, you will question where to put new papers, and chances are they will be placed in the clean space and unravel all your hard work. But if all the papers have a home, you will be more likely to take care of them right away and not clutter a surface.

This is my non- exhaustive category list: Clothing, Books, Paper’s, Household Supplies, Kitchen Goods, Makeup/ Body Products, Media/Electronics, Junk Drawers, Craft Supplies, Bedding, Sentimental Items, Photos, Stock Piles, etc.┬áPlease note that this list is not exhaustive and is meant to assist each client in beginning the process. The customer may choose an additional category not represented in the list above and discuss it during the consultation.



* Consultation: Meet with Annaruth in person to evaluate your goals and aspirations of turning your space from a habitat to happitance (required). Annaruth can also help you assess at the time of consultation the best package to meet your needs. $25/hour

* Package 1: Choose one categories (clothing, books, etc.)* $120 for 3 hours ($40 for each additional hour)

* Package 2: Choose two of the following categories (clothing, books, etc.)* This package offers over a 10% discount. $280 for 8 hours ($35 for each additional hour)

* Package 3: Choose four of the following categories (clothing, books, etc.)* This package offers a 25% discount. $480 for 16 hours ( $30 for each additional hour)

* Happitance Package: Choose from the Petite Happitance or Copious Happitance package to receive over a 35% discount. In addition, the Copious package allows for an even further discount of 50% for additional hours needed. Each package includes the revitalization of your habitat by allowing a substantial amount of time to evaluate and organize many categories within your place of habitance. The Happitance Package gives you the ability to create the place of Happitance where joy can be felt, organization is simple, and your things bring you happiness in more areas of your life.

Petite – $1,000 for 40 hours** ($25 for each additional hour)

Copious – $2,000 for 80 hours** ($20 for each additional hour)

Must be used with in a 6-month period from the date of the first appointment (including consultation).

Additional hours for each package must be used within 6 months of the initial session (does not include consultation). All discounts expire after 6 months and paid value will be subject to the full price. Paid value never expires.

Web cam sessions– Contact me for more information.



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