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Life Efficiency Tip #2: Habits

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I love habits. Every morning I do the same thing, coffee, laptop, book and yogurt. I never forget to do these things because I am in the habit of doing them everyday, they are paired together and I am visually reminded. A trifecta for habit retention! My tip today is on forming a new habit, […]

Try on an All Season Closet

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It is almost time for the “seasonal clothes switch”, a time when we put away our heavy layers and replace them with lighter ones or vice versa. As a child, I remember this being a painful experience of dragging boxes out of the attic, trying on clothes I hated and then re-packing the boxes with […]

Life Efficiency Tip #1 Make Your Bed

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It’s the chore no one really wants to do but everyone loves the end result. Who doesn’t want to fall back into a giant pile of pillows and take a refreshing nap while basking in the sun. Okay, okay, in reality its a giant jumble of blankets and pillows and is that a pizza crust? […]