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Just Breathe.

Life has a way of taking our best laid plans and turning them upside down.

And the more we try to control things the worse it seems to get

What if instead of trying to control the feelings, we lean into them.

For my daughters birth I had worked on meditating and leaning into the pain. I would allow it to surround me and essentially overwhelm me, and then to push myself backup, take control and breath. No panic. No stress. Just forward movement.

When our homes are chaotic they can make everything feel out of control. Starting the process of organizing can seem overwhelming. And if you have tried to create some semblance of order before and failed, it can seem hopeless.

I encourage you today to take 5 minutes, let those feelings wash over you, allow them to take over your mind, maybe even cry. Then rise up and take control. Use your fears to propel you forward.

It does not matter where you start, take on a big or small area, get rid of everything or just move the furniture. Just start.


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