Try on an All Season Closet

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It is almost time for the “seasonal clothes switch”, a time when we put away our heavy layers and replace them with lighter ones or vice versa. As a child, I remember this being a painful experience of dragging boxes out of the attic, trying on clothes I hated and then re-packing the boxes with the opposite season’s clothes.  A process that was repeated every 6 months. For my sister, she loved this time, because it was like receiving a whole new wardrobe each season. She loved being “surprised” with what was in each box.
As an adult I carried on this tradition with my kids, until I started questioning the sanity and the need for seasonal wardrobes. My sister eventually found it inefficient to be “surprised” by boxes of clothing as she would often forget what she had and what she needed to purchase, which led to duplicate purchases and waste.
I have discovered a beautiful thing, a closet that contains all your clothes, no matter what the season.
Here are a few reasons to make the switch:
  • You never have to do the dreaded “switch,” all you clothes are already there!
  • If the weather switches on you suddenly, like it is prone to do in my area, you have access to your shorts and your winter coat. No more digging through boxes in the dark.
  • All your items will be stored together and you will be less likely to forget about or lose an item.
  • It keeps your clothes in better shape. Clothes can get moldy, develop permanent stains, or holes from being stored improperly. You will no longer have to play “moth roulette” with your favorite wool sweater.
If any of this sounds appealing to you, then you may want to try on an all seasons closet.
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