Choose how you spend your time note be controlled

My Motivation for Minimalism

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I love owning minimal things. I get incredible joy from getting rid of stuff. But this hasn’t always been the case.

I use to refuse to part with clothes. I kept everything for someday. I stockpiled products I would never use.

I got sick and I laid on my couch and watched my house explode with stuff. I was not able to get up and “manage” all the stuff I had collected. Something had to change.

And then I found my motivation.

It was enough. I was done wasting my extra energy on managing stuff. I wanted to choose how I spent my time, not to be controlled by my possessions.

I wanted to have more time for self-care which means to me more time to read, travel, exercise, and spend with my family.

So I started choosing what I kept in my life and let the rest go. And it changed me forever.