Find your filing system quiz

Find Your Filing System Quiz

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The second most common question I get is, “How do I organize my office?” My first answer is always, get rid of papers! My second answer is, find a filing system that works for you. Maybe you don’t know what kind of system works for you though, so we came up with a way to help you! Introducing the “Find your filing system quiz,” where you can find out exactly what system will work best for you.

It’s not set up super high-tech, so just copy and paste into an email, highlight your answers and then send to We will then send you back a personalized answer outlining what kind of filing system might work best for you!


Find your Filing System Quiz:

1.Which of the following do you MOST relate with passwords?

a. Agitated – they hold me back from what is mine

b. I cannot remember my passwords, so I record them somewhere

c. I love the security of a passwords!

d. Just give me a lock and key


2.Which of the following do you MOST relate with paper documents?

a. I usually put it on the counter and it ends up in a pile somewhere else

b. I put it in a folder right away

c. I scan it and save it on my laptop

d. I take a picture of it on my smart phone and save it for when I need it


3.Which of the following would you MOST relate to your current filing system?

a. Yes, it is categorical, alphabetical and color coordinated in a file cabinet

b. Yes, I scan in my important documents and put them in a folder on my laptop

c. Yes, I use my smart phone to keep my important papers in an app

d. I have thought about starting a filing system


4. You need the warranty for your new, expensive camera. Which can you MOST relate to?

a. I know exactly where it is located; I have a copy on my app

b. I know exactly where it is located; I have the original in a folder in my file cabinet

c. I know exactly where it is located; I have it scanned and saved to a folder on my laptop

d. I am not sure where it is; I currently just store my documents in piles throughout my home


5. Which of the following filing systems is MOST appealing to you?

a. Personalized paper folders

b. App on your smart phone

c. Logging onto your computer to browse files

d. None of the above—filing systems make me feel restricted


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