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5 quick steps to minimizing

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As we get ready for the weekend many of you will be embarking on your organizing journey, and maybe we wondering how to start. So I have compiled my 5 quick steps to minimizing any item in your home!

Step 1: Gather all like items, such as, all clothes, books, papers, shoes, pots and pans, utensils, etc.

Step 2: Hold each item separately and ask your self the following questions: How does this make you feel? What value does this add to your life? How can I use it right now? Does it cause joy, happiness, or bring back a memory?

Step 3: Sort – It can be sorted in to donate, trash, keep, return, or “let me live with it for a week.”  Note: Once it is in the trash or donate pile you can not go back for it. I prefer to use black trash bags so I can’t see what is in there and I am not tempted to pull things back out.

Step 4: Repeat the process with what you have saved. Often times a second go through reveals more things you don’t really want.

Step 5: Find it a home. Alike items should be kept together as much as possible, especially items you don’t use often. Otherwise you tend to forget what you have or lose items. When you put things away think outside the box. Put your spices with your pans next to the stove. Store your undergarments in the bathroom. Keep your shoes by your couch. Get creative and find out what works for you!

As you clean out feel free to share and tag [Happi]tance in your before and after photos! I love to see your projects and to cheer you on! You can tag [Happi]tance on facebook, instagram, or twitter.

I have a [Happi]tance quiz that I use to asses your organizing personality, if you are interested in taking it you can e-mail me at After you fill out the quiz and send it back, I will send you back a short summary on your organizing personality!

Happy [happi]tizing!


Here are a few ideas on how to organize specific things:



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