Client Diaries #1

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This client was ANXIOUS.

We were planning on going through sentimental items and she had been putting off going through them for years. She was not sure if she was even ready to deal with the contents. After talking through some of her holdups, she decided to go through the boxes.

We went through each box one item at a time. Holding and feeling the emotions every item brought.

Notebooks were uncovered that she had written stories and poems in and truly loved. They were put on a shelf with plans to turn them into a bound book. A few t-shirts that were being saved for “someday” were pulled out and put in her regular rotation. The things with true value were sifted out and put in to loving homes.

In the end we went through four large boxes and got rid of four garbage bags of items. As we went she discovered most of the things didn’t really make her happy or spark memories. In fact, her happiness increased the more she discarded. The contents of these boxes had been weighing her down.

“I instantly felt relief as I let go of stuff that I had been hanging onto for sentimental reasons that no longer made me happy.”

Are you like my client with a box of sentimental items that are hard to get rid of? Are they weighing on your heart and mind?

A lot of people are afraid if they get rid of this stuff they will forget a memory or hurt someones feelings (even if they are dead). In reality they are often holding us back, keeping us from making new memories and stealing our joy. We need to free ourselves so that we can truly embrace our lives.


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