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Just Breathe. Life has a way of taking our best laid plans and turning them upside down. And the more we try to control things the worse it seems to get What if instead of trying to control the feelings, we lean into them. For my daughters birth I had worked on meditating and leaning […]

Client #3 agitated

Client Diaries #3 from agitated to peaceful

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My latest client Lauren* has a house full of children and needed to create some order in her space. She chose one of the kids rooms to work on, as she felt overwhelmed dealing with it on her own. The space made her feel agitated and some times a little angry. I thought this would […]

Spring special

Spring Special

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Spring cleaning time is upon us! Are you ready to get rid of the old to make space in your life for summer fun? Do you want to save some money? Then get in on my spring special! When you book a organizing session with me and refer a friend who also books a session, […]

sentimental papers

What to do with Sentimental Paper Clutter

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“Our memories are within us, not within our things.“-  Joshua Fields Millburn One of the last strongholds in our battle against excess is usually sentimental items. We fear we will forget something or someone if we do not have a tangible way to remember the moment. But alas it is not true, we do not […]

5 steps to changing seasons in your closet

5 steps to changing seasons in your closet

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my daily habits

Life Efficiency Tip #2: Habits

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I love habits. Every morning I do the same thing, coffee, laptop, book and yogurt. I never forget to do these things because I am in the habit of doing them everyday, they are paired together and I am visually reminded. A trifecta for habit retention! My tip today is on forming a new habit, […]

Try on an All Season Closet

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It is almost time for the “seasonal clothes switch”, a time when we put away our heavy layers and replace them with lighter ones or vice versa. As a child, I remember this being a painful experience of dragging boxes out of the attic, trying on clothes I hated and then re-packing the boxes with […]

Minimize Winter Outdoor Clothes

Minimize Winter Outdoor Clothes

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Choose how you spend your time note be controlled

My Motivation for Minimalism

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I love owning minimal things. I get incredible joy from getting rid of stuff. But this hasn’t always been the case. I use to refuse to part with clothes. I kept everything for someday. I stockpiled products I would never use. I got sick and I laid on my couch and watched my house explode […]

Find your filing system quiz

Find Your Filing System Quiz

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The second most common question I get is, “How do I organize my office?” My first answer is always, get rid of papers! My second answer is, find a filing system that works for you. Maybe you don’t know what kind of system works for you though, so we came up with a way to […]